Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Times!

Thanks for following this hot story all the way over to the blog!  My saga began with the idea that maybe our family should go on a fantastic vacation somewhere this Spring. Then, my husband suggested we go somewhere really exotic ... like Asia!

So we made our plans to visit Hong Kong, then jet over to Thailand where we would stay in Bangkok, Phuket, and the Phi Phi Islands. Immediately, I started making lists of all the food I was going to eat and then I remembered something frightening.

Because of the humidity in those parts, the last time we went, every picture of me looked like this:

So, I called over to my friend:

Who owns this:

And she said, "Oh, we'll just give you a Brazilian Keratin Treatment - it'll last for 4 (!) months. No frizz, no fuzz, no worries, friend. Happy times!"

And this is the result:

And ... oh my gawd, whenever I put Anna Michelle at the helm, happy times they are! So, in honor of my marvelous magician, Anna Michelle of Modern Concepts Salon, we present the Happy Timer!

Simply post a comment either on the blog or on our Facebook page and you could win one. Post in both and it doubles your chances. Happy times!