Thursday, March 31, 2011

Viva La Vera!

Meanwhile, back at the Zazu ranch, we've had a couple of days to assess the success of our first EVER Vera Bradley launch.

How fast can you say "stampede"?

Those who know us wouldn't say we exaggerate. They may think it, but they'd never say it.

We can state, however, in total candor which of the new products in the Vera Bradley Spring Release really tripped our trigger.
1. Deco Daisy - Black and white and red all over with a deliriously fun daisy design! Simply striking, it combines both Asian and art deco influences into a bold, lively arrangement that will be a delight to carry through summer, fall, winter and spring. Inside, a statement-making, classic houndstooth pattern.

2. Tech Organizer - Techie + Organized = Bliss! Here's the sitch on this gem:
  • Four elastic mesh pockets hold everything from power cords to flash drives
  • Double-zip closure opens like a book, while the two carrying handles keep it moving
  • Includes an ID window
  • Two elastic bands can hold a power cord adapter
  • Great for storing a handheld gaming system and games

#3. PARTY CUPS!!!!! Maybe it's because I went to college in the South, where these are de rigeur, and by de rigeur, I mean a must must do for any and all get-togethers. Maybe it's because I've got four kids who have a constant case of the dropsies. Or ... maybe it's because I live in one of those kinds of neighborhoods where on a beautiful Friday afternoon you and your posse naturally gravitate on one another's back decks to, um, discuss HOA issues and such.

Whatever the reason, I LOVE THESE PARTY CUPS. (Did I mention that they are dishwasher washable? That's kind of the best part ...)

And that's our top picks.

For now.

There's new stuff coming next weekish and we'll be sure to send you the hot skinny on that, too.