Friday, December 12, 2008

Gimme Dat Ding

Anyone remember Zazu's first blog post?

Okay, I'll remind you - we posted a video we found on You Tube of our Zazu theme song, Gimme Dat Ding. You know, that upbeat, peppy song from the 60's by the Pipkins? Okay, I'll remind you again. Just click "play"...

We have gone and done it! We have (with major major help from Bad Weather Productions) created our first evah Zazu video!

Please enjoy!


  1. Love it Love it Love it!
    I've watched it three times already!

  2. How fun is that! Oh, and your website is looking great too!

  3. What a great video!

  4. Brooke took the words right out of my mouth! Love it! Love it! Love it! I've watched it twice already! Everyone looks great and it was super cute! I wish I could've been in it.


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