Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm Sticking with Diet Coke

A long time ago, when this blog was started {ok, it was only two months ago, but that's a long time in the blogosphere} some ground rules were laid out; 1) no kid talk 2) no sex talk 3) no religion talk and 4) no political talk.

We really like to accent-u-ate the positive.

However ...

I recently came across an advertisement being run and targeted to teens by Pepsi Max. The point is that Pepsi Max has only one calorie. Good for you, but it must really suck to be that one lone calorie. It depicts this sad calorie commiting suicide in a number of ways.

Here is one ...

I would love to know how you feel about this ad. Does it make you want to run out and stock up on Pepsi Max? Do you feel that this is an irresponsible media attempt at gathering attention through controversy?

Comment away! The next time you're in Zazu, the Diet Coke is on us!


  1. I may never have any pepsi product again. Pathetic....ok, so can I just grab a can of diet coke out of the Zazu fridge?

  2. I call this "socially irresponsible advertising" and it's time for the "grown ups" to take a stand againt this deplorable advertising aimed at our young people. Levi Strauss is another company that targets young people -- with a commercial that not only glorifies casual sex, but breaking and entering into a family's home as well! Take a stand. Email these companies and tell them you will NOT buy their products as long as they continue to be socially irresponsible!


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