Monday, September 29, 2008

Shear Genius in Ashburn

I have never ever been happy with my hair. It is super-fine, limp, and I have been told that it is turning gray in parts that I can't even see. As far back as I can remember, dealing with my hair was one of the biggest challenges and most time-consuming part of my get-up-and-go routine. Did you notice that I said, "was"?

About a year-ish ago, one of our Zazu customers, Anna Michelle Jackson, let us know that she had opened up a hair salon in Ashburn called
Modern Concepts.

Anna Michelle and her business partner, Cathleen, had been long-time supporters of Zazu, so I challenged them with rescuing my failing follicles.

Before and after pictures speak volumes!

Always great with words, Anna Michelle shares her own thoughts ...

The scent of fall in the air is invigorating, but when I looked in the mirror at my hair color, invigorating is hardly how I felt. Why is it that highlights look so great in the summer sun, but as soon as the weather cools so does our color! I have already indulged in this fall’s jewel toned clothing; a rich amethyst blouse and an emerald top are mocking my dull flat color from my closet. Time to get to work and formulate a new invigorating me!

I have one of the best occupations; I am a hair stylist! I am the stylist to Ashburn’s super- star Moms and Divas! I make women feel good about themselves all day long. They tell me their woes as I color and shape their tresses. Today it’s my turn to be the guest in my salon, bye-bye to my blah color.

So I stand in front of our wall of color tubes, the possibilities are endless, but I mix some copper, a little gold, and a smidgen of red to create that jewel tone look in my hair, perfect! I choose to use Schwarzkopf color, a German cream color line that creates amazing grey coverage with low ammonium and has vibrant reds. One of my stylists applies my re-growth area and then we mix a similar blend of “Personality Color” - this is also known as a glaze - for my washed out ends. A glaze is a semi-permanent color that deposits rich color with a lot of shine and conditioning. It is the answer to the damage left by the summer sun. My glaze is applied and so I wait to process with a People magazine in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

Thirty minutes later its time for the best part of my day, the shampoo! Our shampoo assistant has put me asleep on many occasions, she has a magic touch! She uses Sudzz Cashmere shampoo and Moxee conditioner, the aroma fills the air and I can feel my hair soak up its goodness. My hair feels like silk as it slides through the brush, the heat and the noise of the dryer keep me in my Zen like state. The dryer turns off, and I am turned to the mirror to reveal the new me! Invigorating is a good word it is exactly how I feel - my color is rich and shiny deep and beautiful like a garnet or a ruby.

Our make-up artist comes over and compliments me on my new color as she leads me to her station. How many times have you changed your color and used the same old make-up, or use the same make-up from season to season? She touches up my foundation with a loose mineral, flawless finish. Rich brown on the eyes, highlight the brow, and the crème de la crème a lip pluming gloss in copper. Even I need a make over from time to time. I feel great; I think its time for a new purse to match my fall mood, happy times!

- Anna Michelle Jackson

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