Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's In A Name?

The joke is... my brothers and I were definitely supposed to be royalty. At least by our namesake. We have very regal names and I suppose my mother was grasping a little bit when she named us all. We stuck with mostly family names which always makes things a little more interesting. Throwing a last name in the middle or even as a first name is a nice twist to all the usual "Johnsons" out there (that's a little jab to our 3 unrelated Johnsons that work at Zazu!)

Here at Zazu, we do tons of birth announcements and it is always fun to see what different name combinations mean to different people. I bet every one of you knows a couple who will not share their future baby's name. And it seems the pressure gets to some people.

"What if I don't like it after I have named my baby?" They may ask.
"Should I spell it the same old boring way?"
And some people are proud of their name ideas right from the start.

So what exactly is in a name? What does "Zazu" mean?

To find the answer you must read a cute little story we like to tell about our owner's genius idea to come up with the most fabulous name ever! (Not to mention the contents inside this place!)

It starts with the first two of her four children (God bless her!)
The oldest was unable to say his younger brother's name.
Should have sounded like "Carson". Instead it came out "zazzoo"
{Channel your inner child and say it quickly, he wasn't too far off!)
Which is cute enough to have inspired a store name, but after a visit to France she and her husband were walking around and saw the cutest little shop. The window display was fabulous and it had a pretty little awning over top… The name?... "Les Zazous"

It was destiny.


Brooke Millard Whittington, aka


  1. sweet nibblets of joy my baby sister's name is zazu also

  2. sweet nibblets of joy, my baby sister's name is zazu also.


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