Friday, September 26, 2008

What Not To Blog

We have come up with literally tens (hey, we just started) of topics to discuss here on our new blog, so the thought came up that we should have some sort of policy on what we will not discuss on this public forum.  Doesn't that sound official? An actual "policy."  Seriously, we don't always just make stuff up as we go along ... really.

So, here is the official list of topics we will not be discussing on the wildly popular (hey, we're now on page two of Google!) Zazu blog, The Little Blog That Could.

  • Politics: Since we're just a bunch of gurlz - we can't handle the complexities.  We probably just need "more education and training."  How about just casting our ballot for the candidate who shows up in People magazine most frequently.  You know, that's how gurlz are.

  • Religion: Nope. Can't even come up with a funny/annoying comment about this one.

  • Sexual Orientation: So, you won't find a post regarding Clay Aiken's revelation that he is, in fact, gay filed under "No Sh*t, Sherlock."

  • Kids: We will not make you feel like less of a parent by chronicling the goings on of our enormously bright and talented kids.  However, if  they do something hysterically stupid (we've got teenagers), then ... "game on."  
Fair enough?  We at Zazu solemnly promise not to post about the above topics ever again as to not offend or alienate anyone or anything.




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