Friday, July 8, 2011

Pants on FIre!

So, here I am scrambling around the house this morning - checking off all the to do stuff: Dishwasher unloaded, laundry in progress, mop at the ready to tackle that kitchen tile ... and so on and so forth.
You know, I love love love checking off to do lists. Sometimes, I do stuff and then write it down on my list afterward just so I can check it off. Weird, I know, but I love to have a true sense of accomplishment. Especially on Saturdays, when I do this catch up on all the housekeeping stuff.


You're kidding me.

It's not Saturday?

{imagine me blinking about a thousand times as this revelation sinks in}

How could I misplace Friday?

I should have put it on some sort of list and absolutely not have moved on until I checked it off.

Creative people can be weird.

But you already know that.

Here's FRIDAY'S Challenge. (I pinky swear this one was randomly chosen)

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