Friday, July 1, 2011

Just So You Don't Miss Us Too Much

The gang and I are headed out for the long weekend. We'll be back sometime on Tuesday.

We trying really hard to take advantage of the lawlessness of summer.

(For y'all Down Under, it's Independence Day on Monday and that is a huge deal for us here in the States.)

But, for those of you who might simply die as a result of not having enough challenges to keep your creative juices flowing, how about we jump ahead a little?

Here's the next four challenges.

They are in no particular order because I'm not particularly bossy.

I don't know why my kids are laughing. Stop laughing.

You stop laughing, too, Mom. (I'm pretty sure she's reading this)

OK, just get on it when you can. And, puh-leeze send me some of your creations.

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  1. Just thought I'd introduce you to another favourite little blog of mine who is also doing an artistic challenge for the month of July;
    Paper Sparrow
    I'm loving my doodling for both challenges... I'm pretty pleased with my results so far.. It's true creativity breeds creativity. And us folks down under are all to aware of Independence Day
    Love Chelsea xo

  2. i think your blog is really cute!!!

    love Sigrid



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