Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Son Also Rises

I am happy.

Yellow smiley face, balloon releasing, clicking my heels kind of happy.

This One awoke before noon and agreed to pick today's challenge.

Guess what it was?

Oh man, this made me happy in a walking on sunshine kind of a way.

So, headed straight to You Tube, of course to get that video to embed into the blog. I figure if I'm craving to hear it, you are too. Right?

As I am previewing the video just to continue my happy groove, That Girl interrupts.

"I know that song! I love that song! But, who's that singing it?"

"That's Katrina and the Waves. This song was popular when I was in high school."

And then she said (this is an absolute quote, I swear), "Dude, Aly and AJ sing it faster."


 Did she just call me "Dude"?

And who are Aly and AJ?

Well, I still don't know, but in the spirit of learning and growing together, I guess I can learn how to sing a little faster ...

 So draw the sun and enjoy, Dudes.


  1. That little sistah is right- this version is much faster dude

  2. wish i had speakers. and if my desk were big enough for a drawring pad, I'd drawr a bigarse sun as fast as i could. (that's me trying to play along)

  3. Aly & AJ are little rays of sunshine, but I'd love to see a video of That Girl singing it.


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