Friday, November 7, 2008

A Day that Lives in Infamy?

I will totally admit this; I was absolutely stumped for blog topic today. Stared at the laptop pretty hard, too!


I thought I might find something brilliant somewhere on the Internet that would inspire great content for our little blog. More pondering commenced, "I wonder if anything interesting happened on this day in history?" I was hoping for something along the lines of "Take your Guinea Pig to School Day" or the day the largest ice cream soda was sipped by the entire town of Peskatilla. Straight away, I stumbled upon the website Brainy History.

Hmmm ... with the possible exception of the day the movie Bean opened, a lot of really impressive stuff happened on November 7th.

It just goes to show you, even when you've got nothing, there is always a potential something lurking around just in case you decide to go looking for it.

November 7, 2000
Al Gore wins the popular vote but loses the electoral vote to George W. Bush
November 7, 2000 Hilary Clinton is the first former First Lady elected to the Senate
November 7, 1997 "Bean" opens in US
November 7, 1996 "3 Sisters" opens at Lunt-Fontanne Theater New York City
November 7, 1996 NFL/Heisman Trophy Winner Mike Rozier, is shot several times
November 7, 1996 Wasim Jaffer gets 314* in 2nd cricket FC game for Mumbai vs. Saurashtra
November 7, 1995 Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on WXDX 105.9 FM
November 7, 1995 Howard Stern's 2nd book "Miss America" released (fastest selling ever)
November 7, 1993 Betsy King wins LPGA Toray Japan Queens Cup Golf Tournament
November 7, 1992 1st NBA game at America West Arena, Phoenix Suns beat Clippers 111-105
November 7, 1991 "Brigadoon" opens at New York State Theater New York City for 12 performances
November 7, 1991 "Park Your Car in Harvard Yard" opens at Music Box New York City
November 7, 1991 1st NBA game in Delta City, Utah Jazz beats Seattle 103-95
November 7, 1991 Magic Johnson announces he has HIV virus and retires from Los Angeles Lakers
November 7, 1990 "Little Night Music" closes at New York State New York City after 11 performances
November 7, 1990 "Those Were The Days" opens at Edison Theater New York City for 126 performances
November 7, 1990 Cleveland Indian Sandy Alomar, Jr. wins AL Rookie of Year, unanimously
November 7, 1990 Mary Robinson elected as 1st female president of Ireland
November 7, 1989 Balt's Gregg Olson is 1st relief pitcher to win AL Rookie of Year
November 7, 1989 Douglas Wilder elected 1st U.S. black governor (D-Va)
November 7, 1989 New York City elects it's 1st black mayor (Dinkins) and female comp (Holtzman)
November 7, 1988 MLB all stars beats Japan 16-8 (Game 3 of 7)
November 7, 1988 Sugar Ray Leonard KO's Donnie LaLonde
November 7, 1987 Tunisian premier Zine al-Abidine fires president Habib Bourguiba
November 7, 1985 Colombian troops end 27-hr siege of Bogota's Palace of Justice
November 7, 1984 STS 51-A launch scrubbed because of high shear winds
November 7, 1983 Ali Haji-Sheikh kicks his 2nd New York Giant record 56 yard field goal
November 7, 1983 Bomb explodes in U.S. Capitol, causing heavy damage but no injuries
November 7, 1982 "Your Arms are Too Short to Box" closes at Alvin New York City after 69 performances
November 7, 1982 Liz Taylor's 7th divorce (John Warner)
November 7, 1982 Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Mazda Japan Golf Classic
November 7, 1982 Turkey adopts constitution
November 7, 1981 France performs nuclear test
November 7, 1979 Cub reliever Bruce Sutter wins NL Cy Young Award
November 7, 1978 Boston Red Sox Jim Rice wins AL MVP
November 7, 1978 CDA-chairman W Aantjes resigns due to his war past
November 7, 1976 "Gone With the Wind" televised
November 7, 1975 Kidnapped AKZO director Herrema freed in Ireland
November 7, 1974 63rd Davis Cup: South Africa beats India in (w/o)
November 7, 1973 New Jersey becomes 1st state to allow girls into little league
November 7, 1973 U.S. and Egypt announce restoration of full diplomatic links
November 7, 1972 President Nixon (R) re-elected defeating George McGovern (D)
November 7, 1970 "Purlie" closes at Broadway Theater New York City after 689 performances
November 7, 1970 Race riots in Daytona Beach Florida
November 7, 1969 John and Yoko release their 2nd album "Wedding Album" in UK
November 7, 1968 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya U.S.S.R.
November 7, 1967 Carl B. Stokes elected 1st black mayor of a major city-Cleveland, Ohio
November 7, 1967 Lyndon Baines Johnson signs a bill establishing Corporation for Public Broadcasting
November 7, 1967 Richard G. Hatcher elected mayor of Gary, Indiana
November 7, 1967 St. Louis Cardinals Orlando Cepeda is 1st unanimous NL MVP
November 7, 1967 Surveyor 6 launched for soft landing on Moon
November 7, 1966 Jean-Claude van Itallie's "America Hurrah," premieres in New York City
November 7, 1966 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Titleholders Golf Championship
November 7, 1966 Lunar Orbiter 2 launched by US
November 7, 1965 Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Tall City Golf Open
November 7, 1964 NL keeps Braves in Milwaukee in 1965, may move to Atlanta in 1966
November 7, 1963 Carole Joan Crawford, 20, of Jamaica, crowned 13th Miss World
November 7, 1963 New York Yankee Elston Howard is 1st black ever voted AL MVP
November 7, 1962 Glenn Hall set NHL record of 503 consecutive games as goalie
November 7, 1961 France performs underground nuclear test at Ecker Algeria
November 7, 1960 KNRR TV channel 12 in Pembina, ND (IND) begins broadcsting
November 7, 1959 13th Ryder Cup: U.S. wins 8 -3 at Eldorado CC California
November 7, 1957 Phillies pitcher Jack Sanford wins NL Rookie of Year
November 7, 1957 WEEQ (now WWTO) TV channel 35 in La Salle, IL (IND) 1st broadcast
November 7, 1954 U.S. spy plane shot down North of Japan
November 7, 1954 Cleveland Browns' Chet Hanulak sets club record with 7 punt returns and win by their largest margin of victory (59) beating Washington 62-3
November 7, 1953 WIS TV channel 10 in Columbia, South Carolina (NBC) begins broadcasting
November 7, 1951 Constitution of Jordan passes
November 7, 1950 Carlo Terron's "Processo Agli Innocenti," premieres in Milan
November 7, 1950 French women and children leaves Hanoi/Tonkin-delta
November 7, 1949 King Faruk disbands Egyptian parliament
November 7, 1946 "Bal Negre" opens at Belasco Theater New York City for 54 performances
November 7, 1944 Franklin D. Roosevelt wins 4th term in office, defeating Thomas E Dewey (R)
November 7, 1944 Train crashes in tunnel of Aguadilla Spain; about 500 die
November 7, 1943 Detroit Lions 0, New York Giants 0; last scoreless tie in NFL
November 7, 1942 1st U.S. president to broadcast in a foreign language-FDR in French
November 7, 1942 Bicyclist Fausto Coppi establishes world record (45,848 km)
November 7, 1941 British air attack on Berlin, Mannheim and Ruhrgebied
November 7, 1940 Stravinsky's Symfonie in C premieres in Chicago
November 7, 1940 Tacoma Narrows (Galloping Gertie) Bridge collapses, Wash
November 7, 1936 Battle of Madrid begins
November 7, 1935 23rd CFL Grey Cup: Winnipeg Winnipegs defeats Hamilton Tigers, 18-12
November 7, 1934 Arthur L Mitchell, becomes 1st black Democratic congressman (Ill)
November 7, 1933 Pennsylvania voters overturn blue law, by permitting Sunday sports
November 7, 1932 1st broadcast of "Buck Rogers in the 25th century" on CBS-radio
November 7, 1932 Bradman scores 238 NSW vs. Victoria, 200 mins, 32 fours
November 7, 1931 Chinese People's Republic proclaimed by Mao Tse Tung
November 7, 1929 Museum of Modern Art opens in New York City
November 7, 1928 Herbert Hoover (R) elected president
November 7, 1925 Italians liberal-national party joins fascist
November 7, 1921 Ed Wynn's musical "Perfect Fool," premieres in New York City
November 7, 1919 U.S. police raid offices of Union of Russian Workers
November 7, 1918 Goddard demonstrates tube-launched solid propellant rockets
November 7, 1918 United Press erroneously reports WW I armistice had been signed
November 7, 1918 Vladimir Mayakovsky's "Misteriya Buff," premieres in Petrograd
November 7, 1917 British capture Gaza Palestine from Turks
November 7, 1917 October Revolution (Oct 26 OS) in Russia, Lenin seizes power
November 7, 1916 Grand duke Nikolai Nikolayevich warns czar of uprising
November 7, 1916 Jeannette Rankin (Rep-R-Mont) elected 1st woman Representative
November 7, 1916 Woodrow Wilson (D) re-elected president
November 7, 1915 Austrian submarine torpedoes Italian passenger ship (272 killed)
November 7, 1914 Japan attack German concession on Chinese peninsula of Shanghai
November 7, 1909 Knights and Ladies of St. Peter Claver organizes in Mobile Alabama
November 7, 1908 Dutch capture Venezuelan navy
November 7, 1907 Dynamite explodes on locomotive kills engineer Jesus Garcia in Mexico
November 7, 1907 Test tokens are struck in 1st production of Canadian coins
November 7, 1893 State Colorado accept female suffrage
November 7, 1885 Canadian Pacific Railway completed at Craigellachie
November 7, 1876 Edward Bouchet, is 1st black to recieve a PhD in U.S. college (Yale)
November 7, 1876 Meharry Medical College forms at Central Tennesse College
November 7, 1876 President Rutherford B Hayes and Samuel J Tilden claim presidential victory Tilden (D) wins election but Electoral college selects Hayes (R)
November 7, 1875 Verney Cameron is 1st European to cross equitorial Africa
November 7, 1874 1st cartoon depicting elephant as Republican Party symbol, by T Nast
November 7, 1872 U.S. cargo ship Mary Celeste set sail from New York on a journey which ended when it is found mysteriously abandoned the following month
November 7, 1865 London Gazette, oldest surviving journal, is founded
November 7, 1864 2nd session of congress of Confederate States of America reconvenes
November 7, 1863 Battle of Rappahannock Station and Kelly's Ford, VA
November 7, 1861 Battle of Belmont, MO
November 7, 1861 Battle of Port Royal Bay, South Carolina (Ft. Walker, Ft. Beauregard)
November 7, 1848 General Zachary Taylor elected as president of US
November 7, 1831 State Gran Colombia disbands
November 7, 1824 St. Petersburg flood
November 7, 1820 James Monroe elected 5th U.S. president
November 7, 1814 1st sitting of States-general in Hague
November 7, 1811 Battle of Tippecanoe, gave Harrison a presidential slogan
November 7, 1805 Lewis and Clark 1st sights Pacific Ocean
November 7, 1794 French troops conquer Nijmegen
November 7, 1775 Lord Dunmore, promises freedom to male slaves who join British army
November 7, 1747 Organgist in Netherlands revolt under Daniel Raap
November 7, 1733 France and Spain sign Escoriaal Treaty
November 7, 1722 Richard Steele's "Conscious Lovers," premieres in London
November 7, 1667 Jean Racines "Andromaque," premieres in Paris
November 7, 1665 1st edition of "London Gazette"
November 7, 1659 Peace of Pyreneeen: French king Louis XIV and Spanish king Philip IV
November 7, 1651 King Louis XIV of France (13) declarer of full age
November 7, 1637 Anne Hutchinson banished from Mass bay colony as a heretic
November 7, 1631 Pierre Gassendi observes transit of Mercury predicted by Kepler
November 7, 1597 Emilia of Nassau weds Dom Emanuel of Portugal
November 7, 1581 Queen Elizabeth I and Francois of Anjou wed
November 7, 1558 French king Henri II occupies Calais
November 7, 1519 University of Leuven convicts teaching of Luther
November 7, 1512 Medici's discharge Niccolo Machiavelli from Florence
November 7, 921 Treaty of Bonn: East France and West France recognize each other
November 7, 680 3rd Council of Constantinople (6th ecumenical council) opens

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