Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Great Sock Monkey Debate Election Results

I am really glad we are only discussing plush products here ...

The results of our recent Sock Monkey vs. Webkinz debate was so ho ho hum that we at Zazu have decided two things:

  1. We will not be ordering any sock monkeys.  Hey, even the manufacturer wasn't interested in casting their ballot. Not even one tiny little comment.
  2. We will be having a ginormous Webkinz sale. Yep, I'd say we are done.
For a limited time, we are having a BUY ONE / GET ONE FREE Webkinz sale here at Zazu.  That includes the plush toys {regular size and L'il}, clothing, ornaments, trading cards, carryalls, figurings, mouse pads, spritz and lipgloss. The whole works!!

And then they will all be gone ...

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