Friday, November 28, 2008

East Meets West

By Steven (the other half!)

If you Google "Zazu", it seems we are not the only ones! A restaurant out west keeps challenging us for the top spot, so..... On a recent trip to the Bay area of San Francisco, I decided to pay a visit to the "west coast Zazu". They are not a gift store , but a "roadhouse restaurant" located in the very pretty Santa Rosa area, about an hour north of San Fran. I couldn't help but take a few pictures, one of myself by the road sign and one with the lovely owner and her manager and chef.

What struck me most were the similarities of style between us. We shared many of the same design philosophies and even use the same fonts for our branding- not to mention the level of whimsicality! The food was great, with the choices of such wonderful items as Fried Okra, Rabbit Pate and a delectable Antipasto plate being offered in the "Nibble" category. Main courses were offered as "a nosh", with delicasies such as Chestnut Fazzoletti Lasagne, Duck Breast, Venison Bolognese and Rabbit Loin Saltimboca. For the "Sideways" items, I chose "mo rockin' Orzo" from the list that also included Ruby Chard, Rapini and Roasted Squash.

For most of us, we call it dessert, but in true Zazu fashion, they just had to add the twist! In the "Save room" category, devoto and apple + Cranberry, dark chocolate fondue, butterscotch pudding and orange pistachio biscotti with Vin Santo were on offer. "Artisan Cheeses" showcased such local items as Point Reyes Blue, Laura Chenel Cabecou and Bellweather Carmody to name a few. Whilst I did not partake in the cheese or desserts, I did have an excellent cup of Flying Goat French pressed coffee.

So, if you are ever in the area, stop in to "Zazu West" and enjoy a great meal at a reasonable price. The owner and her staff are extremely nice and hospitable.

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  1. OMG! What a wonderful find. Even though I had so much on Thanksgiving, the foods you discribed make my mouth water. It will be on my itinery the next time I am out West.


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