Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Thee Wed (nesday)

Laure and Anis - Part Deux
Cote d-Azur, France

As blogged last week, our cousin, Anis recently wed the sinfully adorable Laure. Twice. The first wedding was in his hometown of Beirut, Lebanon. The second wedding was one months later in Laure's hometown, Pierrefeu de Val, in the South of France. My husband was lucky to snag the spot as best man and I was lucky enough to snag him a long time ago, so he had to take me and two of our kids along with him.

Wow! A wedding in the South of France is EXACTLY as you would imagine. Understated elegance, cobblestone alleyways, dappled sunlight through the chestnut trees, a sweet french dixieland band, and ... champagne!

Bonne chance Laure and Anis!

p.s. I absolutely know that this is actually Thursday. I am about to post more pix about my Wednesday adventures that took me away from posting...


  1. Those chirrens in the bottom second from right are so cute in their little suit jackets and pseudo-serious expressions!!!!

  2. Love that wedding gown. The town looks beautiful too!

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