Friday, October 3, 2008

Really Great Giveaway!

Our really great friend, Anna Michelle, is nuts about Staxx! Staxx have rings, pendants, and soon will have earrings that combine interchangeable components that allow you to change your Staxx look at your whimsy!

Start with a base, add as many disks as you like in the center, then secu
re your creation with a jeweled topper. There are hundreds of possible combinations!

So, in honor of Anna Michelle, we are holding a really great giveaway. To be eligible to win this fabulous Staxx set in Filligree and Finery, just post a comment below. Comments will be moderated and there will be a random drawing among those who comment.

You've got until Wednesday, October 8th!

Bonne Chance!


  1. Stackable rings? Change your ring to fit your personality or even your style for the day? Love it... and I love Zazu. Is is Christmas yet?

  2. omGoodness!! this is accessorizing w/ panache. i'm enchanted.{{smiling}}

  3. Zazu has colorful new Staxx pieces that have just come in, to mix and match with your existing pieces. Stop in Zazu to see the new combinations.

  4. This is awesome! I'd love to win!! Thanks!

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  5. Let’s see, I’ve had staxx of books for reading and staxx of paper for writing, staxx of hash browns and pancakes (yum!), staxx of work that I let pile up and staxx of work that I’ve toiled my way through, staxx of phone messages in the form of little pink slips, but fortunately not staxx of “pink slips”, and wow wouldn’t we all like a nice lacy pink slip – ooohh but I digress. Never have I had a staxx ring or a staxx necklace or a staxx bracelet, but once I had a watch with a changing jewel case – I don’t think that’s the same. So in a world of Staxx, sadly, I just don’t stack up!

    Terri Kennedy

  6. Wow! That sounds like an incredible idea. I love having different jewelry and these would be different, only the same! LOL. I've been in Zazu several times and could get lost in the store, never to be seen again. Sort of like my husband in Lowe's. I swear that place just swallows husbands up then spits them out 2 hours later with a ton of tools they never use! But - when I get lost in Zazu, I come out with tons of great stuff that I use every day. Great blog idea. Good luck!

  7. I visited your store in June when I was in Leesburg visiting a friend. I fell in love with Staxx and made a very big purchase!! The gals were great and even mailed me some items that they were out of at the time. I love the ring and necklace pieces that I bought and get a lot of comments on them. I wish I lived closer (I'm in Kansas City) but will continue to shop at Zazu via internet and phone. I'd LOVE to win!!!! Susan Cordes

  8. Oh, oh oh....or is it ho,ho, ho? I love the Staxx rings and necklaces!!!Please Santa, bring me lots!

  9. Oh I love that ring and concept. Please enter me into the give-a-way. Thanks!

    Trace-Ann Green

  10. Staxx sound fabulous like everything in your store. I recently celebrate a big birthday and was given to great gifts from your store. One was a red leather purse organizer that makes it soooooooooo easy to change purses and the other is a great big, black and white carry all type bag with loads of pockets, great for travel and taking along to the kids sports events!

  11. My style is on track
    Don't give me no flack
    I shop at Zazu
    It's where I bought my Staxx!


  12. What a wonderful idea for a giveaway! Very generous of the folks at Zazu to set this up. Please enter me in this fun contest. It's always great to have something shiny to cheer you up on a cloudy day! :)

  13. Thank you everyone for your comments ... our winner was Kelley!!

    We will be posting new giveaways every week, so please check back often!

    The Zazu Crew

  14. My sister has one of these rings, it rocks. I need one.


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