Thursday, October 16, 2008

Please Be Seated ...

Your two aunts have been feuding since the 80s, you have out of town friends
flying in that know no one, and your last single girlfriend is ULTRA
sensitive about where she will sit because the last wedding she went to she
was intentionally seated next to Mr No-Way-In-Hell.

And quite honestly, you may feel you're simply not up to the task.
"If there's enough chairs for everyone, can't we all just get along?" you
ask. You have obviously never been to a wedding with no seating plan and it's a good thing because you might not have survived the mass trampling as people were jockeying for position.

What to do?

Enter Bridal Tapestry seating charts now available at Zazu.

Table assignments are slightly less work for you (lets face it, you have
enough to take care of) and your guest will still have some say in where
they sit!

Beautifully presented, your guests will immediately be assured that you have
thoughtfully placed them. These also make beautiful mementos of your special day.

Taking the time for a table plan will be well worth it and - with these charts -
beautiful to boot. 


  1. Neat ... is that one on the far right for a Bar Mitzvah?

  2. One more thing I could've used 4 years ago. These are beautiful, light weight and customizable. No more table full of itty bitty table cards with flower petals all around them (I'm not bitter really I'm not)


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