Friday, October 3, 2008

Finding Your Way In Style

I remember my first experience with the Internet. Find something cool, which leads you to someplace else, to a chat room about that new someplace else, which sends you to a horoscope site, and then eventually (hours later) you forget where you started. So, you "google" your own name to see what is out there about you only to be completely bummed that there is absolutely nothing. Zip.

Blogging is kind of the same - only different. By the way, I love that phrase; the same - only different. I have heard it used a lot lately. I recently got up to speed on Facebook and have reconnected with many friends from my school days. It seems that lots of folks look exactly the same - only different.

Let's get back to the point ... Blogging is the same, except that out in the blogosphere, it is widely recognized that you give credit where credit is due. The beauty of the whole system is that everyone is connected through links.

For example, I have a subscription to Wedding Wire through Google Reader. Every time they have a new posting, it shows up in my browser. Today they had a great post about a company who hand draws maps. Many of our wedding customers would be interested in including a beautifully detailed map with their wedding invitation ensemble. This is good information to share.

Thankfully, Wedding Wire not only gave us the name of the merry map makers (Couture Maps), but also credited another blog (Ritzy Bee) for bringing this company to their attention.
To wrap the whole thing up in a neat little bundle, I am bringing all this pertinent stuff to you. With pictures!


  1. Loved this blog. It was the same as your other blogs - but different.

  2. I certainly could have used these maps 4 years ago. LOVE THEM!


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