Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Thee Wed (nesday)

Okay, got a great idea today! Actually, I have seen this done before but never with invitations actually designed and printed at Zazu. So, in that regard - this is new ...

New to the blogosphere, we figure out something special about the whole workings nearly every single day. Last week, I figured out how to do one of these photo inspiration things. I was so happy with it, in fact, I think we'll trot one out every week. Yep, every week.

Every Wednesday, (okay, I know it's Thursday, but I just thought of it today) look for our stationery showcase here. That's Wednesday, not Thursday. On "I Thee Wed(nesday).

Get it?

At our most recent Bridal Show, the most popular section of our booth was the section featuring chocolate brown invitations. It has been for a number of years, but this year the secondary color was green.

The invitation is one of Zazu's designs and this is how we imagine the rest of the event panned out.

Most photos courtesy of The Knot. Photography by: Valls Photographic, John & Joseph Photography, Stephen Karlisch, Man & Clark, Roy Liera, Amanda Kraft Photography, Anderson Photography. Flowers by Dragonfly Event

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