Friday, October 10, 2008

Keep in the Pink!

Unfortunately, we all know many women who have been faced with the diagnosis of breast cancer. Don't we all want to conquer this beast? Continued medical research and care for these women (and men) will eventually lead to a cure. Believe it!

Here's where we can start. Avon hosts sponsored walks in several large cities across the country. You may form a group to participate in one of these walks. You may help sponsor one of these groups. Or, Avon absolutely needs volunteers at points along the routes to support the teams.

Our friend (and printer) Amy Pruden, is part of a team participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Charlotte, NC on October 25 - 26. The "Booby Bunch" will walk a total of 40 miles in two days!!! The training is very difficult, and a big commitment.

Closer to home, my twin cousins, Samantha and Heather and their team, Twin Power will commit themselves for the fifth year . They will pound the pavement again this year in Washington, D.C. on the weekend of May 2-3, 2009. YOU GO, GIRLS!!!

About the Avon Foundation and the
Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

The Avon Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, was founded in 1955 to improve the lives of women and their families, and Avon philanthropic programs worldwide have raised and awarded more than $500 million. Now past the half century milestone, the Avon Foundation brings this mission to life through two key areas: breast cancer and domestic violence. The Avon Breast Cancer Crusade launched in 1992, and Avon breast cancer programs in some 50 countries support advancing access to care and finding a cure for breast cancer, with a focus on the medically underserved. Funding is awarded to beneficiaries ranging from leading cancer centers to community-based breast health programs for awareness and education; screening and diagnosis; access to treatment; support services; and scientific research. Fundraising is through a variety of “pink ribbon” products, events, races and walks. The largest is the U.S. Avon Walk for Breast Cancer series, which began in 2003.

For more information on the Avon Foundation visit

Give These Girls a Shout Out!

This week we are having a very special giveaway for these breast friends!

Please comment with your cheers of support to the Booby Bunch and Twin Power. Among those commenting, a winner will be randomly chosen to receive two terrific and relaxing offerings from The Thymes.

One of our favorite people from the Thymes family is a breast cancer survivor herself, so it is only fitting that we chose one of her (and our) favorite products. Kimono Rose has a girly (but not over-flowery) fresh scent and has always been one of our most popular items. The lucky winner will receive an aromatic candle and foaming bath . Femininity refined! I can feel a good soak coming on...

Please click on the tiny "comments" at the bottom of this post. The winner will be posted on Friday, October 17th, 2009.

This giveaway is now over ... Ashley was the big winnner! Thanks to all for your comments, every positive step is a step in the right direction. See us next week for our next giveaway.


  1. Hi Caroline. Thank you so much for your blog. If you are family of Sam and Heather, I feel like you are family to me. I love those girls and am so thankful that they got me involved in TwinPower. Soon we will find a cure for this awful disease. I am positive about it.


  2. Way to go, gurlz!! Also, thanks for the carte blanche to make boob jokes!! Loves em!

  3. You go girls is right! I recently had a close friend's mom have breast cancer. Hits home! She is like my second mom. She is doing well and I now want to participate in one of the events! Keep on walking girls!


  4. I have lost people I love to this dread disease and am watching several friends and aquaintences fight it now. None of us are safe and no one can possibly go through life without being affected by it in some way. We must all work together to educate people about symptoms and treatments, to support efforts to find a cure, and to provide strength to those who are undergoing treatment or caring for someone who is.

  5. Thanks Caroline for blogging about our team. Last year was my first year to walk and what an inspiration it was. Have a great day and thanks again.

  6. Every time someone puts a step forward in the walk-a-thons, we take one more step toward curing this disease. Way to go, girls!


  7. this is the best kind of giveaway because it spreads awareness for breast cancer, awesome!

  8. Thanks for sharing about the Booby Bunch and Twin Power.
    Every story told is one more reason to remember to check ourselves each month.

  9. I am entering in honor of my cousin. Diagnosed with breast cancer at age 30, and a recurrence at age 33, she fought through months and months of chemo and radiation. She just just delivered a beautiful baby boy (third child)yesterday! She wanted a large family.

  10. Hi Zazu! Thank you for your support! This walk is so very important to me, and to my friends, and family, that this disease has touched! My walk is 10 days away, and I am so proud of the team I am part of and all that I can help.

  11. I am so fortunate never to have had to go through such an ordeal, I hope I can offer some support.

  12. Good luck to you on your walk. What a wonderful thing you are doing.
    Please enter me at rhonmitch(at)comcast(dot)net. Thank you. RhondaP

  13. WAY to GO girls! Your doing a wonderful thing!

    Plz enter me.

  14. Jo's cousin has 22years old and is struggling two years know.. and her mom had cancer too so.. we know what's the feeling, the lost and the hope.
    Great.. although we haven't had a lot of time to dress up our shop in pink, we believi in the cause, not in October but... everyday.

    Have a great day ^^
    Jo & Fábio

  15. My friend is riding her bike for 100 miles in CA next weekend for Breast Cancer awareness. I'm so moved by all of the support given these days for breast cancer. Thank you ZAZU for supporting a wonderful cause as well.

  16. Great effort girls and a wonderful cause!! We really have known too many women with breast cancer. Thanks for participating in a wonderful awareness walk, and probably raising some funds to rid the world of breast cancer!! Go girls!!

  17. Please enter me into the contest :)
    Great site for savings

  18. Raising funds and raising awareness. Thank you all for doing either/or....or both.

  19. Every step forward bring us closer to a cure.
    Thank you!
    onenightoff (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. Yay! I can't believe I won. Thanks again. Can't wait to review these products.

  21. I posted a review on my blog if anyone would like to check it out.

  22. Love the Marie Antoinette-inspired Christmas Tree! Very creative!


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