Friday, October 17, 2008

Window of Opportunity

It really is the most wonderful time of the year for us at Zazu!  Our creativity is at its peak and the Starbucks doth flow!

Next week, we completely demolish the joint and resurrect our sweet shop with all the tinsel and trappings we can get our hands on.  The first spot we tackle is our front window, which is always spectacular!

We are channeling our inner Simon Doonan, the celebrated creative director of Barneys this year.  Hoping for something even {dare we say} grander than previous years, we are pulling out all the stops.

Simon Doonan and some of his fabulous installations. Mr. Doonan is also the author of several novels, a columnist for The New York Observer, and a contributor to many other publications. On the shelves at Zazu, we have his Wacky Chicks - classic Doonan!

Stay tuned for sneeky peeks along the way...

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