Friday, June 17, 2011

A Creative Kick-Start!

Hi. It's Caroline. Owner of Zazu and Trollbeads Studio.

I was just sitting here wondering how to keep all my kiddos occupied and brain-fed for the entire summer, keep the fun stuff happening at Zazu while I am at home tending to said kiddos, and start up my newest website - Trollbeads Studio. And ... how am I going to do all of that at the same time?

Meanwhile, over at the Zazu blog, it was getting pretty quiet.

Hear that?

Yup, crickets.

Posting was sparse. Comments were sparser. Ideas were sparsest.

This is me. (I swiped this pic off the internet. It sums the sitch up.)

Luckily, I know where to go whenever the "stuff I gotta do" is pulling me in a number of directions. That's right. I hit the Crayolas pretty hard.

You didn't expect me to say Crayolas, did you? 

I can be funny that way.

So, in normal-person terms, I can explain it this way; whenever I get stuck, I turn my creative juices way up in a seemingly different direction. This seems to un-stick me from wherever I am and I have a pretty good time in the process.

And you get to follow along.

How'd you get so lucky?

Details tomorrow. I promise. Get your juices and your Crayolas.

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