Saturday, June 18, 2011

On Your Mark ...

I told you I'd be back ...

I hope you will follow me, my kiddos, and some creative pals this summer as we tackle our ...

2011 Visual Journals (imagine inserting James Earl Jones' voice here)

See. I told you this was going to be fun.

My kids, This One and The Other One, and I have spent the last several summers working on this project together. This year, I will including my younger two kids, The White Sheep and That Girl. Together our ages will range from 6 to 44 years old. Not including you, of course. I don't know how old you are.

Here's the gist:
Every weekday I will post a challenge.
You will accept that challenge.
You will email me a photo of your completed challenge. (
On the weekends I will do a roundup of all photos I receive.
We'll all share.
It'll be fun. (There will probably be random prizes along the way. TEASE!)

You need details?
The challenges may or may not be artistic in nature. (How vague was that?)
You may use any form of media you like. (Go ahead, paint using maple syrup. It won't fuss me)
If you've got them, please get your kids involved.
If you've got friends that would enjoy this - get them in on the game.
Enjoy playing along and don't sweat it. Perfection is not important. Trying is.

Need an example?
One of us randomly pulls a challenge out of the magic bowl. If the puller doesn't like it they may try to sneakily chuck it back in and pick another one. Although I try to police everything - no promises on that one. Often times, The Other One decided that he has a much better idea and wants us to try it his way. As long as it doesn't involve setting anything on fire, we usually go along with it. 

Here's the magic bowl.

And here's our dog. Her name is Magic, too. 

And here's our other dog. We are convinced that he dreams about sleeping.

And here's our other dog. He looks ferocious at this angle, doesn't he? Never noticed that before ... no wonder the neighborhood kids are scared to come over.

Okay, lost focus there for a minute.

I do that sometimes.

Okay, a lot of times.

This is what a challenge or prompt will look like:


What materials do you need?
At our house we use a variety of journals. I feel strongly about using whatever we have on hand. I am using a book I enjoyed reading and was probably not ever going to read again. Also, it was one the NY Times Best Seller List for about 87 years, so I'm pretty sure everyone else has already read it to. Yes, Tom Hanks was in the movie. That wasn't as good.

The Other One says he is using his Middle School History/Civics binder. He did not open it the entire year of eight grade, so it's pretty fresh. (Note: you're going to hear a lot about The Other One. He's pretty fresh, himself.)

You don't have to use a bound journal.  You don't have to use paper. We do because with all the people and things that reside in this house, we would absolutely lose them tout de suite. Also, we like to go back and "read" them again. Reflection is good for the soul, you know. But then again, sometimes you've got to just let stuff go. Decide that for yourself.

As for the other stuff you may need, well, that could be anything. Pencils, markers, pens, crayons, glue, glitter, collage materials - whatever makes you happiest.

We have all kinds of collected things all over our house that I hope will sacrifice themselves for great art this summer.

Yes, you may even paint with stuff you find around your kitchen.

And this is what it may look like when it's done: 

Or it won't look anything like that because it is YOURS! 

This challenge starts on:
Monday, June 20th

To repeat: 
Monday, June 20th


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